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How To Contact Your Angels

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Every week, the spiritual energy of planet earth changes. You will be ahead of the curve with the insights you need to be in total charge of your personal, business and social life.

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Oprah & Friends

Howard Wimer says that each of us has a sense of inner guidance that can help us live a successful life.  Listen to an excerpt from "The Jean Chatzky Show" on XM Radio.

The Inner Expansion Experience


"It was an amazing experience - such a simple technique - yet so dynamic. I will feel more confident now when I am making a decision.


The service is super! The certified consultant was extremely helpful, patient, thorough, and gave me clear instructions which were easy to understand. Thank you and much appreciated.


Jean Smith


"It is sooooo much fun when you know you have helpers and what each one is here to help you with. Now I can specifically ask the one for help in the areas I am focusing on.


Thank you so much for being in my life right now when I am at a cross road and letting me understand I can get my own answers to personal questions."


Janet Carr


"(The consultant) is a very warm person who makes you feel relaxed right away. Because of this it was very easy to talk with her.


She was very patient and thoroughly answered all my questions. She helped me to have an amazing experience that has changed my life."


Nancy Grakowsky


"(The consultant) was amazing and the entire experience was awesome. I was definitely left feeling very in tune with my "Angel Guides", as I now call them and more confident in the answers from them. It definitely helps to ask the right questions. Thank you..."



South Africa

"The consultation with (the consultant) was very informative and quite enjoyable. The technique is simple and communication with guidance creates a wonderful sense of security. After many years of researching and searching for guidance - I FOUND IT!!


Knowing that you are making the right choices both professionally and personally is very satisfying. I understand now what "empowered" means. I find myself smiling much more and anxious to apply my new knowledge everyday. Thank you."


Alexis Lloyd

Florida, USA

"It was pretty amazing. I was surprised at how simple yet how powerful the technique is. I feel like I have opened up to a whole new world."


Heather Bowlin

Phoenix, AZ (USA)

"I am so enthusiastic and happy I want to tell the world "You can talk to your Angels!" I have been searching for what feels like all of my life to understanding things I couldn't explain.


I know have a new resource for my questions and a way to resolve the doubt of if this is all just in my head or is the message real. I feel empowered.


Thanks for all help, the information as I know I have great days ahead of me; and now I not only know but I truly feel I am not alone. I have a special team of Angels that are here to help me; and I can talk to them!"


Michelle Wilburn


"I was blown away at how quickly I got answers from my angels. I also felt very relaxed with the process."


Michele Foran




Pat Moran

New Zealand

"Wonderful. My consultant was most pleasant to talk with and very sharing in all of her own experiences. I loved that. Thank You."


Kim McKay


"I enjoyed and was amazed by the results. Looking forward to more two way communication with my angels."


Maria Ruiz


"(The consultants) were wonderful. (Their) energy and clarity were so positive and I felt that they were giving me their full and undivided attention and even though I was somewhat hyper with the excitement of it all, I didn't feel judged in anyway.


Actually experiencing my helpers working with me and communicating directly with me was the most profound and 'amazing' experience. It is what I've been searching for all my life! Thank you again."


Yvette Bowen


"Nice, clear, simple."


Maria Fabiana Bria


"(The consultant) was able to quickly form a rapport with me and gave lots of information.


The communication with my angels is an ever growing delight...now I just need to find more hours in my day to do all the everyday chores!"


Gillian McGinty


"It was interesting, and so "right on" in almost everything pertaining to my gifts. I enjoyed learning about myself and how to communicate with my helpers. 


I was feeling very peaceful for most of the day, which I attribute to the session I had and again I say Thank you."


Elle Bratland


"Wow, I am amazed.  I really didn't think that it would be anywhere near this easy!!  I am actually astounded!!


I think it is actually perfect!


Thank you so much!!"


Carolyn Rich


"I have had the best 72 hours of my life since I received my (Personal Life Plan).  This is really a manual for life I have been missing!"




Maggie Terrero-Hill, R.N.

Castleton, NY

"I must say you guys rock.  I really appreciate you and your team's support and response."


Anthony DiPietro


“I did learn how to communicate with my angels. I did not think that I could, but when we did the exercise, I was really surprised at the results.”


Catalina Urbina

Venice, CA

...and many, many more.


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"I love working with my angels!"


Take the free survey to find out how balanced or unbalanced you are spiritually...and we will send you an email with your first spiritual gift.


Dear Searcher,


In 1973, I learned that I could have a two-way communication with my own personal angels.


Whenever they come around you, they will give you "chills or goose-bumps" or a warm feeling inside.


In October 2000, I started Inner Expansion Virtual University, to help people, just like you, learn how to:

  • Make decisions easier by tuning into your own personal guidance

  • Have more confidence that you are moving in the right direction

  • Communicate better with yourself and others


  • Discover your true life purpose

According to Time Magazine, 69% of us believe in angels. 

46% believe we have a personal angel.


There are four ways that your spiritual guides or angels will give you inspiration and guidance.  These are called the spiritual gifts:

  • Prophecy (inner knowings and hunches)

  • Clairvoyance (inner visions)

  • Clairaudience (inner thoughts and ideas)

  • Healing (inner feelings)

This is how you communicate with yourself, your family and friends as well as business associates...and your spiritual helpers.


Each one is a personality type...and I describe them in-depth in my new book called Inner Guidance and the Four Spiritual Gifts.


You can discover how you communicate...on a sensitivity level...with your angels as well...for free.


It's easy.  It only takes a couple of minutes.


Here is a full explanation of each one of the spiritual gifts.  Which one are you?


"I'm a prophetic..."


A person with this as their first spiritual gift likes to keep the big picture.  He or she will excel as an executive because they can keep a tally on many projects at once.  This person also enjoys being creative and can see the potential in people. 


Although they have a tendency to procrastinate, once balanced, this person can inspire people with their leadership abilities.


Take the free survey


"I'm a clairvoyant..."


A person with this as their first spiritual gift thinks in pictures.  This is what makes them successful.  Their empathy for people is profound because they can see what it is like to be in another’s shoes. 


Although they have a tendency to be a perfectionist, once balanced, this person can see how a system can be the most efficient and has a sunny personality.


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"I'm a clairaudient..."


A person with this as their first spiritual gift is a natural leader.  They get inspiration through ideas and thoughts in their mind and must have the facts to move forward. 


Although they have a tendency to be too aggressive, once balanced, this person never gives up and has an inner sense of concern and fairness.


Take the free survey


"I'm a healer..."


A person with this as their first spiritual gift thinks in feelings.  They are very sensitive to people around them and have a profound ability to heal others. 


Although they have a tendency to involve themselves in other people’s problems, once balanced, this person can be a powerhouse and an inspiration to others.


Take the free survey


Join us for a

free webinar &

tele-conference to explain all about your own personal

spiritual gift


Once you find out what your primary spiritual gift is, you will have an opportunity to come to a complimentary webinar and tele-conference and we will give you a full explanation of how you:

  • Communicate effectively with yourself and others

  • Get inspiration from your spiritual helpers or angels

  • Can bring yourself into balance spiritually


  • How you can begin to clarify your true direction in life

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Learn a personal energy cleansing technique you can use for the rest of your life


"If you are not having fun...

you are not being loyal to yourself!"

Howard Wimer, Author and Founder


"It's as if he's transported himself to your house and personally encourages you to trust and believe in your own ability and responsibility to live a truthful and fulfilling life."

LA Yoga Magazine



Amazon.co.uk (International)

Inner Guidance and the Four Spiritual Gifts 2008 International Seminar Tour


I want to thank you for coming to our web site and hope you have the best experience possible learning about yourself...and how you can have a solid two-way communication with your own angels.


I invite you to look at the experiences of people who have sent us testimonials. 


These are real people who are putting these tools and techniques into practical use - every day of their life. 


Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be glad to answer them for you.


All the best,

Howard Wimer


Inner Expansion Virtual University


P.S.  For those of you who are interested in sharing more what you have learned about your spiritual gifts and how to contact your personal angels, we will train you how to conduct classes in your own community.  For more information, contact Germaine at communications@innerexpansion.com.


We look forward to sharing with you!


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